WPS Civil Society – Government Dialogue – 22nd November  2023


We are excited to share the remarkable success of the WPS Civil Society-Government Dialogue, a collaborative initiative hosted by the Australian Civil Society Coalition for Women, Peace, and Security, in partnership with ACMC and DFAT. This milestone event, held on November 22, 2023, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Canberra, brought together implementing agencies, civil society, and experts to explore opportunities and challenges in the implementation of the Australian National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) for 2021-2031.

The Dialogue, emphasising themes like driving implementation, First Nations perspectives, and the intersection of climate, peace, and security, featured moderated panel discussions and breakout sessions. Participants actively exchanged knowledge on WPS research and discussed government accountability, reflecting the diverse perspectives from civil society consultations.

A comprehensive report summarising key insights and recommendations from this vital dialogue is underway, capturing the collaborative efforts and contributions that will advance women’s rights, peace, and security in Australia. Stay connected with us for a detailed overview of this impactful event.



Virtual Roundtable: Advancing the WPS Agenda in Afghanistan – 31st October 2023

Join us for the Virtual Roundtable: Advancing the WPS Agenda in Afghanistan on October 31, 2023, at 16:00. The event will commence with opening remarks from women leaders and civil society members in Afghanistan. Following this, there will be a Q&A session and a moderated discussion focusing on priorities for action. The roundtable seeks to foster an open dialogue by incorporating input from Afghan women leaders and broader civil society, including the diaspora.

Attendees will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion, thereby contributing to the identification of priorities for civil society in supporting the Women, Peace, and Security agenda in Afghanistan. It is important to note that the insights gathered from this event will be used to inform a comprehensive report, which will include recommendations derived from the discussions. Your engagement is vital in shaping the discourse and recommendations that will contribute to advancing the WPS agenda in Afghanistan.

Myanmar Convening – 31st August 2023

We are pleased to invite members of the WPS Coalition community to our upcoming convening focused on advancing Women, Peace, and Security in Myanmar. This online event aims to provide a platform for meaningful dialogue, insights, and collaboration surrounding the pressing issues faced by women’s civil society organisations in Myanmar and its diaspora.

Since the military coup on February 1, 2021, Myanmar has experienced significant turmoil, impacting the rights and well-being of women and marginalised communities. Women’s civil society organizations have emerged as crucial voices in advocating for peace, justice, and gender equality. Despite facing unprecedented challenges, they have continued to engage in innovative and resilient peacebuilding efforts. 

This convening aims to foster direct engagement and dialogue with women’s civil society organisations in Myanmar and its diaspora. By providing a platform for sharing their priorities for peacebuilding and the broader WPS agenda, we hope to create valuable insights for advocacy and collaboration. Additionally, the event seeks to inform the Australian Government and civil society on ways to enhance support for feminist civil society initiatives in Myanmar.

We will be hearing from four incredibly speakers representing the below organisation

 Myanmar Campaigns Network 

 Women’s League of Burma 

Myanmar Research Network, University of Melbourne

Women’s Advocacy Coalition Myanmar

Once we’ve heard from all speakers, we will then be opening up the floor for questions and discussion. 

Please make sure to register for the event to ensure you gain access to the Zoom. 

Members’ Meeting – 3rd August 2023

Join us for our upcoming WPS Members’ Meeting, supported by Action Aid Australia and DFAT, where we are thrilled to introduce you to Sharon Bhagwan Rolls and the inspiring work of the Pacific Women Mediators Network.

The Pacific Women Mediators Network is dedicated to enhancing women’s involvement in peacebuilding and conflict resolution in the Pacific. Recognising the vital contributions of women to peace, the network aims to address their underrepresentation in formal mediation processes. Through networking, capacity-building, and knowledge exchange among women mediators, the network fosters cooperation across the Pacific.

During our meeting, Sharon Bhagwan will delve into the Pacific Women Mediators Network’s purpose, objectives, and the exciting collaboration opportunities it presents with the Australia WPS Coalition. Following her presentation, we will open the floor to members for questions and further discussion.

Ukraine Convening – 15th June 2023

Join us for a webinar to hear directly from civil society partners working to build peace in the context and aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Members will have the opportunity to learn from women’s organisations and movements working in the region about their work, and what more Governments, institutions and civil society can do to support their efforts. While the Australian Government has been forthright in providing military and sanctions support to the Ukraine, how can Australia take a lead in advancing the WPS agenda and work further to build peace?

This event is open to members of the WPS Coalition. Please register in advance below. 

WPS Coalition Members’ Meeting – 27th April 2023

This July the UN Security Council will receive and debate the contents of the Secretary General’s annual report on conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV). Join us for a discussion on how CRSV is impacting communities on the ground, the importance of prevention, and to hear about the research being led by Coalition member the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

In Q&A we will hold an interactive discussion to consider what the Australian government can do to address CRSV as well as identify what we, as coalition members, can do to support its prevention and elimination.

Civil Society Roundable – 27th March 2023

In October and November last year, the Australian Civil Society Coalition on Women, Peace and Security consulted women and gender diverse people across Australia to explore their understanding of peace and security and their priorities for change. This roundtable will build on the findings of that consultation, outlining concrete recommendations to inform advocacy by the Coalition at the upcoming Civil Society/Government Dialogue.

Listening Circles – October and November 

Share your voice. 

We want to know what peace and security mean to you, and what actions you want taken to build a safer and more peaceful world.Your contribution will be delivered directly to the Australian Government, alongside responses from women, girls and gender diverse people around the country. Together, they will be used to shape the priority themes of a series of dialogues with Government departments responsible for in delivering on Australia’s commitments and to building peace and security and a safer world for all women and girls.


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