Women, Peace and Security Listening Circles

What does Peace and Security mean to women and gender diverse people in Australia? What does it mean to you?

In 2018, the Australian Civil Society Coalition for Women, Peace and Security held a series of consultations exploring what ‘peace’ and ‘security’ mean to women in Australia, and what needs to be done to ensure everyone can live and thrive in a peaceful world, free from violence and oppression. Since then, a lot has changed, including a global pandemic, the election of a new Government, conflicts such as the Ukraine war, recurring climate-related disasters, and growing numbers of people fleeing conflict, violence and persecution. It’s time to update that conversation and we need your help.

We want to know what peace and security mean to you, and what actions you want taken to build a safer, more peaceful world. Your contribution will be delivered directly to the Australian Government, alongside responses from women, girls and gender diverse people around the country. Together, they will be used to shape the priority themes of a series of dialogues with Government departments responsible for delivering on Australia’s commitments and to building peace and security and a safer world for all women and girls.

To have your say, join one of our small group discussions or Listening Circles. To find out more, email Rowan Harvey at rowan@wpscoaltion.org or take our survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/peaceandsecurity.


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