Issue Paper 3: The role and experience of adolescent girls in peace and security by PLAN International Australia

Jun 16, 2018 | Issues Papers, Policy and Advocacy

It is important to recognise that adolescent girls’ experience of the peace and security agenda is different from that of younger children, boys, men and even adult women.  Adolescent girls can be powerful agents of social change. They have the desire and the capacity to transform the world and are looking for opportunities to do so.

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The Australian Civil Society Coalition on Women Peace and Security commissioned the writing of thematically focused Issue Papers to inform the development of Australia’s second National Plan on Women, Peace and Security (2nd NAP) and to advance the discussion on women, peace and security in Australia. These Issue Papers build on key themes outlined in “Listening to Women’s Voice and Making the Connections to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Fifth Report of the Annual Civil Society Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security.”