2016 Annual Civil Society Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security

Aug 29, 2016News

In support of UN resolution 1325, the 2016 Dialogue follows the release of the Interim Review into the implementation of Australia’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security. This year’s Dialogue is an opportunity to reflect on progress to date, discuss the known and emerging issues and plan for the future. Join us to take the conversation forward.

WHAT: Annual Civil Society Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security
WHEN: Thursday 13 October, 9am– 5pm (Registration 8:45am)
WHERE: The National Museum of Australia, Lawson Crescent, Canberra


Senior leaders in government, civil society, academia, as well as our audience will cover:

  • Responses to the Interim Review;
  • The emerging issues of countering violent extremism, displacement and humanitarian response;
  • Regional case studies into the Iraq and Syria conflict, as well as women’s role in the prevention of conflict in Bougainville;
  • Discussion on priorities for Australia’s next National Action Plan.

This event is co-hosted by the Australian Civil Society Coalition on Women Peace and Security and Monash Gender Peace and Security.